Abalone Healing Shells

Seashell Healing, Wisdom & MagicSeashell Healing, Wisdom & MagicSeashell Healing, Wisdom & MagicSeashell Healing, Wisdom & Magic

Seashell Healing offers a unique blend of ancient sacred knowledge, new healing & self-healing methods, and multi-dimensional soul empowerment.

Calling All Mermaids (and Mer-Men)

Discover Seashell Power! Learn to tap into the spiraling energies of magical crystals from the sea for:

Whole Healing

Soul Knowing

Full Love

Joyful Being

Magical Manifesting

Grace-Full Ascension


Fast, Easy & Grace-Full Change

Seashells offer oceans of healing energy for fast and easy transformation. Seashell Healing provides powerful ways of spiraling up to whole healing and empowered new ways of being.


The Metaphysical Properties of Seashells

Each shell carries a different healing energy that gracefully untangles stagnation while expanding consciousness and new-found abilities.  Through seashell healing we can spiral up to new possibilities, spiral deep with soul, and spiral wide with impact!


Crystals from the Sea

With seashell healing we can consciously reconnect with ancient knowledge from Lemuria and Atlantis where seashells were key tools for transformation and magical manifesting. 

Ways to Dive Deep with Seashell Spirals

The Seashell Healing Book: Metaphysical Properties of 200+ Seashells


An Illustrated Reference Guide cataloguing 215 seashell meanings. 

This deep-dive into spiral sacred geometry transcends the consciousness of the animals that created the shells, going straight to the original source. Seashell Healing connects us with the spiral dance of creation which guides how we all move through life.

294 pages with 215 illustrations.

Now available in three formats!

Color Print Book

Black & White Print Book

Color E-Book

Seashell Alchemy Tools


Explore a new healing technology . . .  The Seashell Alchemy Cards feature my activated shells and carry their Seashell Healing Energies.

Yes, it is possible to work with seashell energies without having a huge seashell collection! The healing energies are in the cards! 

Each set of cards is like having a team of shaman specialists right in the palms of your hands.

Shuffle and go fishing for the seashell meanings and seashell energies that are right for you in any given moment. 

These cards are more powerful than you know . . .

~Missy Sorrels, Hypnotherapist

Seashell Healing Sessions & Classes -- All Online


I offer private and small-group sessions and classes for people who are ready to go deep and spiral up to the next level. Offerings include:

Private Healing & Empowerment Sessions

Recorded Online Classes

Private Online Seashell Reiki Training

Private Online Seashell Shaman Training

 All sessions and classes include energy transmissions, attunements and empowerment activations for whole healing and soul magic discovery.

*Elizabeth (Zabe) Barnes is neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues. Her offerings do not take the place of medical advice or treatment as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. You are solely responsible for seeking and following your own medical treatment and care.

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